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    A sudden water leak can occur, any time, any place. It may occur in your bathroom, kitchen, walls or even in a concrete slab. Wherever it is located, extensive damage can occur if it is not taken care of immediately.


    A clogged drain is one of the leading causes over water damage in your home. Taking care of blockage problems right away can reduce the risk of damage to your piping systems. We’ll keep your drains clear, clog-free and odor free.


    Whether you need a water heater that is powered by electric, gas, hybrid, or direct energy, we install both standard and tankless water heaters. Our professional plumbers can help you choose that is a good fit for your home and budget.

    Arlington Plumbing Repair & Installation

    It’s nice to know that you can turn to the experienced and professional services provided by A#1 Air Plumbing when it comes to your residential and commercial plumbing needs. We know that any plumbing problem causes not only frustration at home for your family, but can have a definite financial impact on your business as well. A#1 Air Plumbing will take care of your plumbing needs in a timely and efficient manner.

    When you have a plumbing emergency, you want it taken care of quickly and efficiently. Whether you’ve sprung a leak, your shower won’t drain, or your toilet overflows, A#1 Air Plumbing is committed to providing high quality and reliable plumbing services for your residential or commercial plumbing needs. We know that emergencies happen when you least expect them. When you call A#1 Air Plumbing, you can rest assured that our trained professionals will provide reliable plumbing services and repairs at reasonable rates with no hidden fees.

    While Serving Dallas, Fort Worth for over 25 Years, We’ve Learned a Thing of Two About Comfort!  Just Consider us Your Home Team! Be Sure to Check All of Our Specials for All of Our Home Services.